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7 Signs That Tell You Are Losing Weight Other Than The Weighing Scale

When you are trying to lose weight, the weighing scale might not always show progress. Inch loss, how well your clothes fit you, the improvement you experience while sleeping, and your flexibility are some other signs that show you are making progress on a weight loss diet. The journey towards losing weight can be slightly demotivating for weight watchers, as and when they reach a weight loss plateau-the period when they stop losing weight despite exercising regularly and keeping their calorie check-in control.

Weight loss diet: Know the signs that tell you are making progress

Many fitness experts and nutritionists believe that numbers on the weighing scale may not be the best indicators that you are making progress and are getting fitter. Here are some other signs that show you are on the forward path in your weight loss regime:

1. BETTER SLEEP: If you sleep deep and wake up without feeling tired and bloated, then it is definitely indicative that you are fitter and making progress.

2. MORE ENERGY: When you get fitter, lethargy, fatigue, laziness, and sleeping throughout the day are much lesser. A fit body can make a person feel more motivated towards achieving more and being productive, with definitely higher levels of energy.

3. INCREASED WATER INTAKE: Don't Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight. How most people drink only as much water until it satisfies their thirst. The journey towards weight loss is incomplete without sufficient, and comparatively higher water intake than earlier. If your water intake has significantly increased, then it is surely a sign you are making progress.

4. YOU ARE MORE ACTIVE AND PHYSICALLY FLEXIBLE: Getting fitter and losing weight can make you physically active and also physically more flexible. You will be able to better perform some exercises and yoga poses. Body strength and stamina will also show improvement.

5. CLOTHES FITTING BETTER, MORE COMFORTABLY: This is usually a sign of inch loss. There can be times when you are not making progress on the weighing scale but are losing inches. Your clothes become looser and you feel more comfortable in them. After all, there's no better feeling than fitting in an old jeans right?

6. YOU ARE EXERCISING MORE OFTEN: If you have started exercising more often and it makes you feel lighter and more positive, it is a sign that you are making progress on your fitness regime. When you exercise regularly, it makes you feel light, with lesser stress and also gives a feeling of accomplishment. Getting regular at exercise is a sign that you are making progress in your weight loss journey.

7. BETTER EXERCISE PERFORMANCE: Improved levels of fitness and lower weight can make you run faster, lift heavier weights, and exercise for longer periods of time.

So, apart from the numbers on the weighing scale, these are the signs that you can watch for and bank on.

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