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How to Stay Motivated during your Fitness Journey

Your alarm goes off and you suddenly don’t feel as motivated to get up and go out for your daily run or exercise anymore. We’ve all been there and we know that it can be sometimes difficult to keep up with your fitness goals. That’s why we’re here to help you keep your mojo. 

Check out these tips to keep your activity stats on the rise:

Plan your workouts on Sunday for the week ahead. Creating a workout schedule will not only help you hold yourself accountable, but it will put you in a routine for success. Sit down and build in 30 minutes each day to exercise then stick to it!

Think about variety. Exercising can be fun, too! So don’t be afraid to switch it up from time to time. Whether it’s a yoga class that has a different flow each week or a changing your running route around your city or neighbourhood, change helps us stay motivated. 

Create a support system. Reach out to a friend, family member, or colleague who shares the same zest for exercise. Whether it’s by planning workouts together or just getting kind words of encouragement, you might be surprised at how many people want to help you succeed!

Set goals. Setting a realistic goal for yourself will help keep your spirits high and remind you why you committed in the first place. Whatever it is, write it down and revisit it daily.

Invest in quality workout gear. If possible, invest in workout gear that will make you feel good and excited to get your sweat on. Whether it’s a new pair of workout shorts, running sneakers, or a new band for your fitness tracker – a new look might help you get motivated!

Do friendly contests with your friends. If some friendly competition is what gets your motivation up, try THE DIET ARENA challenges. You can invite your friends and family to take more steps, support one another, and reach your goals together!

Track your progress. Whether you write it down in a planner or use any fitness app, track your fitness progress. There’s no bigger motivator than seeing yourself improve!

The above points can help you in your journey to change your lifestyle but, the biggest factor of all is being self-motivated. No matter your support system or how good a plan you make for yourself, none of it will be effective if you are not totally motivated to embark on such a journey. Remember, it is not about proving a point to anyone, do it for yourself, do it on your own and feel good at the end of it all.

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