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#TheBig5 of Eating for Weight Management

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The common misconceptions everyone has on weight management :

  • Healthy food can’t be tasty

  • If I want to maintain my weight I need to eat boiled food

  • I have no clue what to eat and what not to eat

  • I am gaining weight due to my sitting job!!!

If you can relate to any of the above-mentioned statements, we are here to change your perception. To your surprise eating healthy can be super easy.

Presenting to you #TheBig5 of eating habits that will help you transform your life and maintain your weight. 

Most People Have No Idea How Good Their Body Is Designed To Feel”— American author, Kevin Mark Trudeau


Try to use ingredients that are in season and grown locally, and focus on unprocessed foods to minimize chemicals from preservatives, dyes and additives. This ensures:

  • Minimal loss of nutrients

  • Better taste

  • Sustained energy levels

  • Improved health in the long run


Use a rainbow of colors and textures by design. This is done to ensure each serving is balanced for macronutrients (required by the body in large quantities) and micronutrients (required by the body in small quantities). In the long-run, eating a variety of nutrient-dense ingredients from healthy sources can positively impact the health of your internal organs, metabolism, immunity, bone density, blood clotting and other essential survival, performance and bodily functions.

So, how can you strike a balance in every meal?

  • Carbohydrates of maximum 75% (40% contributed by high-fiber vegetables)

  • Protein 10–25% (mix from plants, white meats, or nuts and seeds)

  • Fat 15–30% (ghee, olive oil, sesame seed oil, refined cooking oil is limited to >15% of total calories)

  • Fiber>10 grams


A good meal plan should fulfill all of the body’s nutritional needs. A good meal plan does not mean staying hungry and creating deficiencies. The food that you eat the quality of everyday meals by using ingredients that have positive effects on the body:

  • High-fiber digestion-aiding whole grains (oats, barley, millet, whole wheat)

  • Heart-healthy good fats (nuts, seeds, avocados, yogurt)

  • Energizing complex carbs (sweet potatoes, oats, brown rice, green peas)

  • Muscle-building quality proteins (white meat, eggs, spinach, quinoa, beans, lentils, soybean)


When choosing what to eat, the way a dish is prepared can make all the difference. The method used for cooking impacts not just the calories in the meal, but also the loss of nutrition after cooking, the release of toxic by-products, and the ease with which your body can digest the meal.

Cooking methods to be followed : 

  • Grilled/Roasted

  • Spice-rubbed

  • Oven-baked

  • Steamed

Cooking methods to be avoided : 

  • Barbecued

  • Cooked in animal fat

  • Charcoal smoked

  • Deep-fried


Hiding in plain sight are additives that are making your seemingly healthy food, extremely unhealthy. Here are some things that THE DIET ARENA will never recommend:

  1. Refined Sugar

  2. Chemical

  3. Steroids/Antibodies

  4. Artificial colors of flavor

  5. Cholesterol

  6. Deep Frying

The Goal Is Simple: Healthy You, Happy Us

We know that consciously making the choice to eat healthy every day can be hard. Our diets and recipes will make it easy for you to eat healthier versions of your favorite foods.

Looking at #TheBig5 eating healthy doesn’t seem so hard now, does it? Follow the KISS method - Keep It Simple Silly.

So, together let’s put health back on the table and eat healthy to #looseweight and #stayhealthy

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Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

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